Monday, Jan 31, 2022

Kære Computer,

Welcome to my new newsletter! I think this is going to be a not-so-newsworthy place where I delve into things that aren't necessarily in the news-cycle just now. There will be no listicles! No hot takes on the latest and greatest!

This will be a place where I collect my thoughts on topics that inspire me to be technical, to learn, teach and build things. To be critical of tech ecosystems, tools and paradigms. Every newsletter will be a selection of things I find meaningful and gives me energy at present. A deep-dive into an area that always fascinated me or unpacking a theme that I find particularly exciting.

Kære Computer is Danish for Dear Computer. I am typing this letter on/to my device. Writing code is a kind of conversation with a machine. Like talking to someone who has no sense of humor at all. Computers are a tough audience to write for. Often I'll mumble under my breath, while trying to make something work: Dear Computer, please work!

This newsletter is for anyone interested in technology and I aim for making it beginner-friendly for readers not yet well-versed in programming.

flickering computer screens gif

whoami? I'm a fullstack programmer, currently working mostly with React and Typescript. I wasn't always, though. I was late to discover my interest in computers, and I'll tell you the story about how it happened in one of the next letters :)

Thanks for reading along / subscribing.