The platform aims to discuss and practice the principles of “conviviality”, described in the book "Conviviality Tools" by Ivan Illich: to think of this theory from todays as technology, art and media. The platform shares the theory ( described in the book and propose to practice it with the exercises and instructions. The platform aimes to become a place for theoretical and practical experience and exchange between engineers, artists and activists.
The project is built around the idea of “The conviviality tools with the tools for conviviality. Art and the internet as the convivial tools”. The conviviality tool is the term invented by Ivan Illich in his essay written in 1973. The conviviality as per Illich is the method that should be applied to all modern inventions . The tool is convivial as per Illch if:
"tools foster conviviality to the extent to which they can be easily used, by anybody, as often or as seldom as desired, for the accomplishment of a purpose chosen by the user.”
This idea has influenced many of the inventors and engineers, including the engineers of the first computers. Many theorists today name today’s society as the society done based on the convivial principles, and the internet as the developed convivial tool. May we argue this thesis? During the residency we suggest building the platform that speaks about the internet as the convivial and non-convivial tools, with the place of game, test, charade, tools and tips.
From one side the internet is the space with the various sharing and caring tools - groups of psychology and financial aid, useful resources and working instruments . How we may share it through the current borders? On the platform we may make these possible steps to expand and apply the experience of non-profit and activistic organisations on one physical space through the online network. We may think of how we may expand the conviviality of one tool in the expanded field of the internet. From another side, the internet with its restrictions, forms of controls and corporational algorithms has a lot of predictable and non-convivial details. We may discuss, emphasize, think of how to decrease possible and try to provide the existing and useful steps.
The convivial platform in this case may become the bridge and the network of selfhelp between activists, non-profit organisations, engineers, artists, poets and musicians that think of the internet and the community on it as the steps for the convivial society.